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SamrakshaneThis is part of Karnataka Government online Former crop Insurance portal

SL.No. Question Answer
1 What is prevented sowing? When it is applicable? Is it area based or individual farmer wise? What happens to policy in such cases? It is proposed to provide insurance cover to farmers in case of widespread incidence of eligible risks affecting crops in more than 75% of area sown in a notified unit at early stage leading to total loss of crop or the farmers not being in position to either sow or transplant the crop. The provision is invoked by the State Government through notification based on the proxy Indicators. It is on an area approach basis, which means all farmers in notified area would be eligible for payment. Once claim under this section is invoked, further Insurance Cover would terminate i.e. farmer would not be eligible for area yield based claim calculated at the end of the season.
2 What is mid-season adversity? Is it area based or individual? Will policy close or not if mid-season adversity claims are received? It is proposed to provide up to 25% of likely claims as immediate relief to insured farmers in case of adverse seasonal conditions during the crop season viz. floods, prolonged dry spells, severe drought etc., due to which expected yield during the season is likely to be less than 50% of Threshold yield. It is on an area approach basis. The insurance will continue and these mid-season payments would be adjusted from the end season area approach yield based claims.
3 Can farmer insure his crop even before sowing? Yes, Farmers covered on voluntary basis, can buy insurance before actual sowing/ planting, based on advance crop planning.
4 Is crop sown certificate required at the time of insuring? No. Land ownership proof like RTC is sufficient.
5 When can the crop be changed from what is given in the proposal by the farmer? A farmer can change the crop at any time but at least one month before the cut-off date. During this year Khariff under PMFBY farmer can change the crop upto 30th June
6 Is sowing certificate required for changing crop? Yes
7 Who is authorized to issue crop sown certificate? Concerned village / sub-district level official of the Revenue Department is authorised to issue crop sown certificate.
8 Is sum insured is equal to loan sanctioned? What if loan sanctioned is higher or lower than the sum insured? The per hectare Sum Insured as notified in the Seasons Notification issued by Government of Karnataka would be irrespective of the actual Loan amount sanctioned or drawn.
9 farmer change the crop to be insured? Yes, provided he applies for change of crop within the time limit allowed for crop change.
10 Is it possible to insure more than one crop in a single proposal? if yes, what are the conditions? Yes. The crops should pertain to same scheme and same Insurance unit (Hobli or Gram Panchayat as applicable).
11 How and which crops are covered for post-harvest losses? It is proposed to provide for assessment of yield loss on individual plot basis in case of occurrence of cyclone, cyclonic rains and unseasonal rains throughout the country resulting in damage to harvested crop lying in the field in “cut and spread” condition up to maximum period of two weeks (14 days) from harvesting for sole purpose of drying. Crops which require “cut and spread” operation as notified by Government of Karnataka in the season’s notification only are eligible.
12 In Hassan, Holenarasipura, there will be tobacco intercrop – Is this covered? The list of crops covered under insurance will be notified for each season. One may refer the notification linked to the software itself. However, in Kharif 2016 tobacco crop is not covered under crop insurance.
13 There are cases where in under unified package none of the 2 out of 5 stipulated coverage are taken up by farmer. What to do? As per the present guidelines of Government of India, 2 insurances have to be covered compulsorily.
14 Is the produce stored in the house like onion/ potato covered for post-harvest losses? No. Crops lying in the field in cut and spread condition only will be covered.
15 What is the major difference between PMFBY and WBCIS? The major difference is that under PMFBY, yield data obtained through crop cutting experiments is used for pay out where as WBCIS makes use of weather parameters like quantum of rainfall, wind speed, humidity etc., as proxy indicators to decide the crop loss and pay out.
16 Can a farmer insure a crop on a fraction of land extent multiple times in different banks? Yes. A farmer can insure a notified crop on different fractions in different banks, i.e., more than once on the same land and subject to the overall land extent covered should not exceed the extent he owns as per BHOOMI.
17 If crop loan is taken on September 15th is it covered in this Kharif 2016 for crop insurance. Credit sanction in the KCC is the criteria for coverage of insurance, irrespective of amount of loan taken by the farmer, and the date of loan drawn.
18 What if last date (cut off date) for insurance is a holiday? Previous working day will be the cut-off date.
19 Can a farmer insure crop for Kharif and Rabi for 2 seasons on same land? Yes, in accordance with Govt. notification he can insure. But at present he can insure only for Kharif 2016
20 Is there option for crop change in WBCIS? Yes, but such crop change request has to be given at least 1 month in advance before the cut off date and intimate to Insurance company through Bank.
21 Can a farmer insure for WBCIS and PMFBY simultaneously? Yes. A farmer can insure for both the schemes simultaneously within the cut off period for the notified crops under each scheme. It would depend upon the crop which he is taking up certain crops are notified under PMFBY & some under WBCIS.
22 Is there a limit of area to be insured under PMFBY? No limit
23 Does PMFBY include plantation crops? Please see the list of crop notified under PMFBY notification No.???/67/ ??????/2016 dated 23.04.2016.
24 What is threshold yield? Threshold yield for a crop in a notified insurance unit is the average yield of past seven years (excluding a maximum of two calamity year(s) as notified by State Government/ UT) multiplied by applicable indemnity level for that crop.
25 How to insure the crops grown by Joint Liability Groups? If the members of JLG are having land in their own name they can be covered individually limiting to the extent they own. In case any member is not having land in is name then he cannot be covered under insurance.
26 If a farmer does not want loan, can he be covered? Yes. As a non-loanee farmer he would be covered.
27 Is there a chance of rejection of application by insurance company? Yes. In the following cases the company may reject the application; (a) If the proposal is submitted after the last day of submission by a bank to the company. (b) If the premium amount is not transferred to company by the bank within the last date of submission.
28 Is loan dispersal compulsory to insure crop as loanee farmer? No. Sanction of loan is the eligibility please see clause X.3 to 5 of PMFBY guidelines. Farmer needs to be covered compulsorily if loan has been santioned irrespective of whether farmer has drawn the amount or not.
29 In case of KCC what has to be done if the renewal date by KCC is after cutoff date of the PMFBY? Shall be covered. The KCC account should have sanctioned credit limit for the season. Only Non Performing accounts and fresh loans sanctioned after cut-off date would not be covered.
30 What has to be done in case of death cases and therefore the owner of land is different from the proposer? In such cases the proposal can be accepted if the Village Accountant certifies that the proposer is the legal heir and that he is entitled to the extent of land which he wants to insure.
31 Is it possible to feed on bulk data entry using excel sheet? No each proposal has to be separately entered
32 Loan provided under KCC for consumption purpose i.e., 10%. Is he to be covered? KCC card holder is eligible and needs to be covered for taking crop insurance provided he has valid sanctioned credit limit for the season.
33 A farmer takes loan in a bank for a crop having high scale of finance but not notified. He also takes loan for a notified crop in another bank. Is he to be insured? Farmers are to be enrolled for crop insurance for notified crops to the extent admissible as per the extent available in the RTC as fetched from the BHOOMI through Samrakshane software.
34 How can we avoid last day rush. Can a platform for bulk data entry be enabled? No bulk data entry will be enabled. The banker have to make arrangements for data entry during peak periods. They are to submit the insurance details to insurance company within 7 to 15 days from the cut off date as per clause IX-i. 7 ,8, 9 of PMFBY guidelines. For WBCIS, he has to submit details within 7 to 15 dates from 30-06-2016.
35 PAC’s do not have computerised Bank A/c’s. It’s manually maintained. What to do? DCC banks will make the required arrangements for data entry preferably on the same day of the physical applications (proposals) collected by PAC
36 Can a farmer enrol at different places with different bank A/c’s for the same crop? Yes. A farmer can enrol for a notified crop in a insurance unit at any place provided he has a bank A/c and subject to the limit of extent he owns as per BHOOMI and he is growing the total extent is insuring
37 Can the bank decide who is SFMF based on one or on the basis of the total extent of all the lands held in different places? The SFMF states is decided on the basis of all the Survey Nos. held by him taken together. A declaration would also be made by the farmer. There is no special incentive or special schemes available in favour of such farmers.
38 In banks the internet speed is less and also bankers have to attend other works on the system. There will be delay. what to do? The banks are advised to make required arrangements. The branches can avail the service of multiple data entry operators. The work has to be finished within the time limit prescribed under PMFBY.
39 How much time will be available to upload applications from banks to the insurance agencies? The bank has to forward proposals to the companies as soon as possible. However, the proposals may be forwarded till last day of submission of proposals by the bank which is 7 to 15 days as per clause IX i. 7,8,9 of PMFBY guide lines. In such cases if any mid-season calamity occurs or prevented sowing is declared, these proposers (farmers) will not be covered under insurance by the company making the bank branch entirely responsible for this. Therefore the bank shall forward the proposals as soon as possible.
40 What if farmer has provided wrong information in the application? One has to obtain the correct information from the farmer, otherwise you may reject the application with reasons.
41 If RTC is in father’s name and Bank A/c is in the name of the son can the crop be insured? No. There has to be a Bank Account in the name of proposer
42 In case of different spellings of the name in the Aadhaar and Bank A/c, can he be enrolled? Banker may use his discretion by examining documents
43 In commercial bank branches there are employees who are not well worse with Kannada? The Software is both in English and Kannada. However some minimal data is in Kannada and the officials may take help of others to do the work.
44 Is Aadhaar seeding compulsory for bankers before the insurance? Would Insurance amount gets credited to only Aadhaar A/c. No. In case of loanee farmers, the pay out would be credited to the loan A/c and in case of non-loanee farmers it is to be credited to his bank A/c or Aadhaar linked account.
45 Does the bank branch has to cover the non loanee farmers of the bank service area only? No. Any non-loanee farmer can get his land insured in any bank branch of his choice
46 How many days Physical copies of the application be preserved? As in previous years, the physical copies shall be preserved till the final settlement of insurance claims is completed.
47 The farmer is charged no interest upto 3 lakhs. When the crop insurance premium amount is sanctioned as additional loan, would he loose this benefit? The matter is under consideration at Government level. The Apex bank has been advised to approach Government to get exemption for additional premium amount sanctioned.
48 A loanee farmer’s Survey number is already covered under crop insurance, how can we find out as to which branch and for which crop it is insured for? A query is provided under MIS section of the Samrakshane software. You need to select the village and survey no. and rest all details would be displayed
49 Is it possible to cover joint owner? if yes, what are the principals? By default in case of joint owners all such owners have to sign the proposal form and submit the same. However, if actually land is separately used by each of the joint owners then any of the joint owner can give his application individually provided he gets a certificate from Village Accountant that he has right on that piece of land.
50 What has to be done in case of inter crops? In case of 2 or more seasonal crops being grown together: The total insured area put together by all such crops should not exceed the actual land area of that survey number. In case of 2 or more perennial crops or Mix of perennial and seasonal crop : where ever Government of Karnataka Department of Economic and Statistics consider these crops up to 200% of the actual area because of area sown more than once, it is permitted up to 200% of actual land area of that survey number. In case of such crops, as per the Circular No. RD 133 TRR.78 Dated.12/15th Dec. 1978 and Guide lines as mentioned in the Handbook issued by the Directorate of Economics and Statistics regarding the entry of crops in the RTC and conducting of crop cutting experiments, the total insured area cannot be more than 200% and area under each crop of the insurance cannot be more than 100% of the land’s physical area. Please insure the crop area strictly as per the above circular
51 What to do if pahani does not have crop information? BHOOMI data is fetched to confirm the extent of land and not the crop. Crop information entry in the pahani takes place normally after the season. This is not a pre-requisite for crop insurance.
52 If a farmer brings old RTC on the last date, what to do? Required records are to be necessarily submitted by the farmer before crop insurance.
53 SOFTWARE If a Survey number is repeatedly insured by farmer then how would Government control that? “Samrakshane” the Crop Insurance Software developed by Government of Karnataka will not permit to insure area more than the area of a survey number or insuring multiple times and exceeding the land area.
54 To use Samrakshane software do we need to have Bhoomi Software in the same computer? No. It is web software internally linked to Bhoomi data base. You just have to use a computer having a connection to internet browser
55 What upgradation or requirement of System software is required to support the Samrakshane SW? What about the browser, on which the SW is available? The software may be used with latest version of Google Chrome or Internet Explorer 9 and above, with a system having windows 7 and above.
56 How SW enables us to check if farmer has taken loan from some other bank? The Samrakshane software has no data of loan sanctioned in banks, hence it cannot be checked.
57 Why the auto debit of premium is not enabled? The Samrakshane software needs to be linked with core banking software to enable this. As on today this has not been attempted.
58 How can we see the insurance application status? The application (Proposal) status can be viewed using “Check Status” on the website in the home page, operator login, and manager login under reports by entering the proposal no.
59 There will be huge rush on the last day. Will more no. of data entry operators be allowed in one branch to make data entry by giving different user ID and password? More than one operator may be employed by using same user ID.
60 While filling the application if there happens a mistake what to do? At bank operator level, partially saved application (Insurance and proposer data) can partly be corrected by opening the proposal using proposal No. However, once the application is completed and saved after selecting survey no. and crop it will not be available for the bank operator. Bank manager can be requested to return the application to the operator again and then the data can be partially modified. If mistake has happened wherein corrections cannot be made the application may be deleted by using “Delete Proposal” option and re-entered.
61 AADHAAR Is Aadhaar compulsory? What if a farmer is not having Aadhar card? AADHAAR 61. Is Aadhaar compulsory? What if a farmer is not having Aadhar card?
62 If a farmer does not provide Aadhaar neither takes a declaration. What to do? The declaration is part of proposal form.
63 DEPARTMENT What are the duties of agriculture and horticulture department officials? The following are the duties of agriculture and horticulture department officials. (1) They will be resource persons for farmers and bankers for any problem arising for filling up applications and data entry. (2) They will provide enough publicity to cover more no. of farmers under crop insurance in their jurisdiction areas. (3) They will preserve the transactions made by the bankers or financial institutions through online for enrolling farmers under crop insurance, on day to day basis. (4) They will cross check the insured areas and verify the correctness of crop and extent, as and when required. (5) They will provide the required information regarding the crop insurance to the higher-ups as and when called for.
64 AIC Are pest and disease damages covered under Crop Insurance? Not directly. However, yield loss due to pest and diseases as estimated through crop cutting experiments under PMFBY or congenial weather conditions for aggravation of pest and disease menace measured through yield estimates under PMFBY will take care of this problem
65 If a farmer has taken subsidy for growing one crop from the department and insures for other crop. What to do? On the same piece of land, this is not allowed.
66 Is scale of finance equal to sum insured? Is sum insured same through-out the state? What has to be done if Scale of finance fixed by DLTC is different from that of SLTC? Per hectare Sum Insured as notified by Government of Karnataka in the season’s notification is to be followed by considering the season wise crop and area in the loan application. This sum insured is same for the whole State and may be different from scale of finance.
67 Can we take beneficiaries of restructured loans for crop insurance? Crop insurance is covered for a particular season for which crop loan is advanced. Restructured loans are not crop loan any more. Hence, such beneficiaries have the option to enrol as non-loanee farmer.
68 Farmer has no land but he is cultivating on contract basis or lease. Can he be insured? No. Tenancy is not recognised by the Karnataka Land Reforms Act in the State.
69 What if we come to know that farmer has not grown the crop for which he has insured? Inform the concerned Department for needful action.
70 How much time the bank manager is allowed for approval/ rejection/ return of the application? The manager has to approve/ reject/ return as soon as possible. However, he may approve till last day of submission. In such cases if any mid-season calamity occurs or prevented sowing is declared, these proposers (farmers) will not be covered under insurance by the company making the bank manager entirely responsible for this. Therefore the manager shall approve the proposal as soon as possible. If the manager does not reject the ineligible applications the survey no. and the extent saved in that application will not be available to the farmer for insurance.
71 Is physical verification of land required in case of loanee / non-loanee farmer required? No
72 If proposal is received and premium collected but not yet sent to insurance company, would insurance cover be there? Generally Insurance cover starts only after acceptance of premium by insurance company with in the cut-off date for submission of insurance details by Nodal banks to Insurance Company.
73 What is the concept of “Nodal bank”? Nodal Bank concept is applicable for Cooperative Banks only.
74 In case of joint A/c whose Aadhaar is to be mentioned? The proposer’s Aadhaar needs to be entered.

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