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SSMMS :- Sand Sale Management & Monitoring System (SSMMS)The Telangana State Minerals Development Corporation has taken an initiative to make sand available at affordable prices to stakeholders

In order to facilitate the easy sale of sand at affordable prices to the proprietors and builders of projects, the government of Telangana has launched SSMMS initiative “Epass Karnataka“.  Sand is needed for construction purposes. One would think why does the government need to regulate the sale of sand? This is mainly because there is a dearth of authentic sand for construction of projects under RERA registration. So much so, that many builders have started malpractices like creating fake sand. The structures created out of fake sand have caused many a building to collapse causing loss of life, as well as resources. This is one of the main reasons that the government needed to step in and regulate the sale of sand online.

In addition to distributing reliable sand for construction, the initiative of SSMMSS also known as the Sand Sale Management and Monitoring System initiated by the TSMDC (Telangana State Minerals Development Corporation) aims to plug revenue leakages, enhance the income of the government. The Sand Sale Management initiative also aims to help anticipate prevent major damages to the rivers, streams, other waterways and the environment in general.

SSMMS Portal:-

In order to facilitate and regulate the sale of authentic sand, the government of Telangana under the SSMMS initiative launched the SSMMS portal. The portal helps facilitate easy sale and purchase of sand by providing the following online services to the public:

  • Online booking of sand.
  • Tracking the sand order with the mobile/vehicle.
  • Interstate Transportation booking.
  • Facility for Interstate sand order tracking.

SSMMS Customer Registration:-

In order to become a member/ customer for sale purchase of land, you to follow the following steps:

Step 1: Head on over to the SSMMS website, sand buying portal by clicking here.

Step 2: Enter your contact details   and enter the OTP given to your mobile number

SSMMS Website HomePage:-

Step 3: After completing the registration,  you can also go ahead and verify if you have been successfully registered on the portal or not by checking the customer list.

SSMMS Customer List:-

Booking Sand on SSMMS Portal:-

In order to make a sand booking, once you have created your account you have to follow the following steps.

Step 1: Login using your credentials


Step 2 :  Once Logged in Click ON NEW BOOKING

New Booking

Step 3: Once you click on NEW booking, system will ask you to choose your district

Select District in which sand delivery is needed

Step 4: Once you select your District, You will be displayed with  Stockyard Name and the corresponding status of the stockyard

District Details

Step 5: Once you have selected a particular stockyard you will be given a form with details you have to fill up as given below

SSMMS Order details

Details of Order

Step 6: Give the details like the purpose of buying sand, the quantity of sand, Select Vehicle type,   Fill in the captcha and Click OK to proceed


Step 7:  Once you have confirmed details and captcha, you will be redirected to the payment portal

Step 8: Select your mode of Payment and enter your internet banking credentials/ debit card details

Step 9: Make the payment and you will be given a receipt of payment in addition to the payment id and the order ID. keep it handy for future reference.

Track Your SSMMSS Sand Order

After booking sand through the SSMMS portal, you can check the status of your order by following the steps below:

Visit order tracking page to track the order.

Enter the order ID in the given box.

Click on Get Status Status of your order will be displayed.

You can also check the status of your order with a mobile number as follows

Visit this page to track your order using mobile or vehicle number.

Enter the registered mobile number to track your order.

Status of your order will be displayed as shown here.

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